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How to go from Misogynist to Feminist

Gail Carmichael G+ posted a link to Ellen Spertus’ Anita’s Quilt piece. I highly recommend this piece for anyone who doesn’t get why there’s a bunch of fuss about getting more women into tech. I, for one, can admit to having this outlook in my early career. A great quote:

I felt that my status with my family and peers was an honorary male — not able to equal the best men but certainly better than other females. I felt that women’s underrepresentation in the sciences was due to their own lack of interest and abilities in the “hard” (therefore “better”) sciences. Nevertheless, I hoped to find girls like me at computer camp and college, but I was unable to find or befriend the few such women, even when I entered MIT.

Totally captures my attitude circa 1997-2008.