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Internships at teh GOOG

Most CS/engineering students know about Google’s internship programs. BUT! Did you realize they have a special internship program for 2nd year university students (aka “College Sophomores”)? Indeed, Google runs the Engineering Practicum program to specifically target young university students, especially “those who are¬†historically underrepresented in the field” – that means YOU, ladies! Like having three stalls to yourself every time you go to the bathroom at Google, this is one of the rare times you get the long end of the stick. So take it!

If you or someone you know would be a good fit, it’s time to apply. The deadline is October 15th. Your’s truly hosted 3 BOLD (that’s what the program was called way back then) interns two summers back, and it was a fantastic experience for both hosts and interns. All of the students we hosted got offers to come back, and all accepted, which should show you how fun and awesome it can be.

Apply today!